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Water Fed Pole System

This is an innovative system using extendable carbon fibre poles that can reach up to 75ft (6th floor) while the operative remains safely on the ground, eliminating the use of ladders. This involves the use of purified water that can be used to clean windows, framework, cladding, glass roofs, etc.

This method of window cleaning is extremely efficient and quicker than traditional methods, saving our clients’ significant window cleaning costs. On average, we can reduce the cost by up to 45% compared to other methods of window cleaning. Furthermore, this method of cleaning is eco-friendly as we only use 100% purified water, while still leaving the windows streak-free.

Benefits of Water fed pole system:
  • Reach up to 75ft (6th floor)
  • Cost-efficient
  • Perfect for windows, panels, facade,  glass roof cleaning
  • No need of ladders or cherry pickers